Migrated to BeanMusing.com

Dear readers, I have officially migrated to http://beanmusing.com so be sure to check my updates there!

Some of the primary reasons for the move:

  1. Own the website at only USD 8 per year

Money Monies is hosted on wordpress.com on a free plan. I didn’t want to pay for anything before I get anywhere. Hence, the website comes with a lot of limitations. I have little control about what I can do. Nothing here belongs to me other than the content. After figuring out there is a free hosting service, I decided to make the move.

I can’t even redirect any URLs of this blog to my new website for free. WordPress wants to charge me USD 13 a year. Well… since this blog isn’t exactly the most popular thing out there, I think I can save a lot more money by moving.

2. Rebranding

I think Beans are cuter. hah hah.

Alright, see you on the other side! Twitter and Facebook page will remain for now.


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